Giorgos Papadogamvros – Bespoke Suits that Speak for Themselves

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(Photo: Facebook, courtesy of George Papadogamvros)

When you visit the Facebook page of Giorgos Papadogamvros, you are promised “Bespoke suits” that will enable you to “Walk With Style And Quality.” But you don't have to take the Master tailor's word for it, visit the website at

and you will see that celebrities in Greece and beyond, from Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis to singer-entertainer Sakis Rouvas look their best in his threads – and Rouvas is not the only one singing his praises. And as much as they value what Giorgos does for them, he appreciates his clients' support. On Valentine's Day he was thrilled to post: “The one and only Sakis Rouvas wearing again my suits for the third season at The Voice of Greece."

Papadogamvros curates the appearances of the Prime Minister and many other famous men from Greece and abroad.

He recently spoke to The National Herald about the craft and his craftsmanship. Asked what sets him apart from other custom suit designers, Papadogamvros did not hesitate: “the combination of quality, taste, and aesthetics.” Speaking about how the fabrics he chooses impact the fitting and tailoring process, he emphasized that “quality is the alpha and the omega” but he acknowledged that “a very good hand and eye” is always required.

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(Photo: Facebook, courtesy of George Papadogamvros)

When a customer buys a bespoke suit, uniqueness is the essence of what he – or she (his magic touch can make a woman look positively ravishing in a tux) is looking for. Papadogamvros puts it this way: “Each suit is unique because it is sewn to suit every personality.” As examples he cites Giannis Antetokounmpo and Mitsotakis as clients for whom “we always do some special things. For Sakis Rouvas' wedding we made a special outfit!”

Powerful and adored people in the public eye sometimes make requests for unique customization. Asked about the most interesting request and what he has been asked to incorporate into his designs, he said that “for The Man of the Year I was asked by [soccer star and Panathinaikos striker] Djiblil Cisse to combine a tuxedo with a men's skirt. We had an impressive result that has remained in history!”

He is generally very selective in his collaborations. One of them was with Zeus + Dione, which he was delighted about.

On the vital technical/aesthetic fronts the luxury fabrics he has worked with include Ermenegildo Zegna, Loro Piana, Scabal, and B. Canonico. His view about trends through the years is that “fashions come and go, but the jacket tends to slimmer lines, the double-breasted suit is more classic, and the single button is more for evening affairs! But of course, everything depends on the personality of the customer!”