Daughter's Tweet Caught Lemonis' Eye, Helped Save Parent's Restaurant

The National Herald

Ο κ. Μάρκος Λεμονής. Photo by Samdpark, via Wikimedia Commons

Working for Twitter came in handy for Jennie Antonakis, now in Los Angeles, when she channeled its power to reach entrepreneur Marcus Lemonis – born in Lebanon and adopted by a Greek-American couple in Florida.
The Greek Olive, her family's restaurant in New Haven, Connecticut was running out of time and money because of the COVID-19 pandemic, reaching out to Lemonis on Twitter after he said he would award $100,000 to restaurants.
Lemonis donated $20,000, for 4,000 meals that go to shelters under a program called Plating Change which helps small businesses use donations to create low-cost meals and bring them business, said WTNH.
“So you buy Bowls of Hope, which are pre-packaged, 16-ounce meals, well-rounded meals ... heated in the bowl that it’s in or reheated ... or that it could be eaten the way that it was. And that it would be nutritious for the people who are getting it, and also cost-effective for the restaurants so that everybody wins,” Antonakis explained.
Now, The Greek Olive is delivering Bowls of Hope to five or six organizations and in trying to help her parents, Antonakis helped others.