Customers Flip for Greek Pancake Houses in Williamsburg, Virginia

The National Herald

Capitol Pancake House in Williamsburg, Virginia. (Photo via Facebook)

The big tourist area of Williamsburg, Virginia has long had a tradition of pancake houses catering to an especially-older crowd who want their griddle cakes and syrup instead of waiting for lunch and Greek spots are a favorite.

“The area is sort of perfect for this kind of business, you know, you have an older, retired crowd and then you have tourists,” she told The Virginia Gazette, and they have a dozen to choose from so she has to be competitive.

By cornering the tourism breakfast crowds and appealing to older crowds, the Kokolis family has built a successful pancake house empire, the report said.

“In order to be successful, you need that local following. Tourism traffic is important too, but in the off-season, it’s our locals that keep us alive,” Athena Kokolis said.

Dean Canavos, owner of Capitol Pancake House, said that, "eggs and pancakes, you can't really go wrong. You mess up a steak at a steakhouse, you've lost money in that customer."

He said the idea was brought to the area by the Greek-American community, which dominates them and there's enough pancakes for everyone.