COVID-19 Took Andy Koutsoudakis, Not His Beloved Tribeca’s Kitchen

Εθνικός Κήρυξ

Andy Koutsoudakis Jr., owner of Tribeca's Kitchen. Photo by Justin Mein

When COVID-19 was perhaps at its most horrible in March of 2020 in New York City, killing thousands, one of the victims was restaurateur Andreas ‘Andy’ Koutsoudakis, loved by regulars at his Tribeca’s Kitchen restaurant in New York City. He was 59.
In a feature on his legacy, and the restaurant staying open under the hand of his son, Andy Jr., the site Eater New York noted that when he died, the diner was covered with condolence bouquets, balloons, thank-you notes, and children’s drawings.
The coronavirus took the life of a man who spent his life surrounded by the regulars.
“I could have shut it down and everyone would’ve understood, but I decided to keep it going,” his son told the site, tearing up to add, “Nobody misses the old restaurant more than me, because it had my father.”
His son, an employment lawyer representing more than 100 restaurant clients, did a total renovation of Tribeca's.
“What do I do? Run for the hills because it’s too hard? Here I am telling you to pay me to do it better and I can’t do it myself?” he asked.