Can't Stomach Gluten? Teddy Skiadiotis' Kraft Cafe's Your Spot

The National Herald

Craft Kafe. (Photo via Facebook)

If you live in or around St. Petersburg, Florida or traveling there and need your food and pasties without gluten, Teddy Skiadiotis's Kraft Cafe has what you want.

He grew up in his family's restaurants in Queens, New York but told St. Pete Catalyst he felt bad for customers who had an intolerance for gluten and wanted to make sure his diner had foods for them.

He gave up a career as a proprietary trader on Wall Street because of the pressure and returned to what he knew: running a diner, Greek-American style. He moved to Florida in 2004 to help run his family's new restaurant, Skidders, in St. Petersburg and moved there permanently three years later.

When a waitress told him an elderly lady couldn't eat anything because of gluten he bought specialty flour and ingredients to make her a pizza without it, at no charge.

“She hadn’t had pizza in 15 years,” said Skiadiotis. “She was so grateful.”

He bought a separate toaster to make gluten-free toast for breakfasts as well as pasta and pizzas, his place popping up first on Google for “gluten-free St. Pete.”