American School of Classical Studies Webinar on Aegean Landscapes

Εθνικός Κήρυξ

American School of Classical Studies at Athens. (Photo via

ATHENS – The American School of Classical Studies in Athens will begin a new webinar series that focuses on exploring particular methodologies and subfields of Classical Archaeology. The inaugural episode of Methods in the Archaeology of Greece will begin on Thursday, September 10 at 12 PM (NY time).

The Archaeological Survey and Regional Approaches to the Study of Aegean Landscapes webinar will explore the regional archaeological survey in the Aegean and Eastern Mediterranean. Archaeological surveying was long considered a simple forerunner to excavation, then later an upstart methodological newcomer. Systematic regional survey is now an established and fundamental element of archaeological methodology.

Two experts in the field – Professors Jack L. Davis and Alex R. Knodell – will discuss the history of the discipline, its current status, and its incredible potential for refining and redefining our understanding of the ancient world.

Jack L. Davis is Carl W. Blegen Professor of Greek Archaeology at the University of Cincinnati, an expert in Bronze Age archaeology and archaeological survey, and a former Director of the American School. He received the Archaeological Institute of America’s 2020 Gold Medal Award for Distinguished Archaeological Achievement. Professor Davis has directed or co-directed archaeological surveys and excavations at locations across Greece and Albania, including the Nemea Valley, Kea, Messenia, Dyrrachium, and Apollonia. He is currently the co-director, with Dr. Sharon R. Stocker, of the Palace of Nestor Excavations at Pylos, responsible for the recent discoveries of the famous Griffin Warrior grave and two previously unknown tholos tombs.

Alex R. Knodell is Associate Professor of Classics and Director of the Archaeology Program at Carleton College. An expert in regional archaeological survey and the archaeology of the Late Bronze Age and Early Iron Age Aegean, Professor Knodell has done archaeological fieldwork in the U.S., Greece, Jordan, and Guatemala. He led two multidisciplinary regional surveys in Greece: the Mazi Archaeological Project in northwest Attica (2014–2017, co-directed with Professor Sylvian Fachard and Dr. Kalliopi Papangeli) and the Small Cycladic Islands Project (since 2019, with Drs. Demetrios Athanasoulis and Zarko Tankosic), which has highlighted the importance of the many now-uninhabited islands found throughout the Aegean.

The American School of Classical Studies at Athens is the oldest and largest U.S. overseas research center. Founded in 1881, the American School provides graduate students and scholars from a consortium of nearly 200 North American colleges and universities a base for study and research in Greece, including all aspects of Greek culture from antiquity to the present day.

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