Panathinaikos Faces Hoop Ouster

- April 19, 2014

MOSCOW – Panathinaikos is on the edge of being eliminated from the Euroleague basketball quarter-final after being thumped by CSKA Moscow, 77-51, in Russia to […]

The Soccer Shame of Greece

- April 18, 2014

ATHENS – Following what was described as the shameful spectacle of brawls between members of Greece’s national soccer team, flares being fired and fish dumped […]

Olympiakos On The Brink

- April 18, 2014

Two-Time Euroleague basketball champion Olympiakos is on the edge of elimination falling behind 2-0 after losing to Real Madrid, 82-77

Real Madrid 88, Olympiakos 71

- April 17, 2014

Two-time defending Euroleague basketball champion Olympiakos faces Real Madrid again on April 17, down 1-0 after losing the opener.

CSKA Moscow 77, Panathinaikos 74

- April 17, 2014

Panathinaikos dropped the first match of its Eurloeague basketball quarter-final to CSKA Moscow 77-74 in overtime on April 16.

Greek Soccer Semi Turns Ugly

- April 17, 2014

A Greek soccer semi-final game was marred by smog caused by hundreds of flares and fish thrown on the loser’s bench.

Greece’s World Cup 5 Best Players

- April 16, 2014

With few famous players, Greece will rely heavily on a handful of team members who had a decisive role in qualifying for the World Cup.

Olympiakos Knocks Off Panathinaikos

- April 11, 2014

A last-second three-pointer from captain Vassilis Spanoulis gave Olympiakos a thrilling 68-65 win over archrival Panathinaikos.

Coach Santos Drives Greek Soccer

- April 10, 2014

Fernando Santos has lived up to his reputation in Greece since taking over as coach of the national football team.