Reflections from the Executive Mansion

By Eraklis Diamataris - March 23, 2019

WASHINGTON, DC – On Monday, March 18, 2019 an annual tradition continued at the White House, a wonderful reception and a presentation of speeches that […]

Civil Society Needs a Media Without Walls

By Father Alexander Karloutsos - March 21, 2019

The degeneration of public discourse in our time has led many to ask whether our current unprecedented polarization was always lurking right beneath the surface […]

The Triumph of Orthodoxy

By John Athanasatos - March 19, 2019

There are many significant dates in history that we commemorate annually as a day of victory and triumph. In about a week we will be […]

Off to the Races: a Preview of the 2020 Democrats

By Constantinos E. Scaros - March 16, 2019

“In politics, 20 months is an eternity!” Now that we’ve gotten that ubiquitous maxim out of the way, let’s do what we’re not supposed to […]

Forgiveness Sunday: The Journey Begins….

By John Athanasatos - March 13, 2019

The fourth Sunday of Triodion is known as Cheesefare Sunday or Forgiveness Sunday. It is the last day we can consume dairy products until Pascha […]