Trump Will Make China Great Again

- May 22, 2017

President Trump’s election may very well have the unintended consequence of making China the most powerful country in the world. In the early hours of […]

Kipreos, The Star

- May 19, 2017

Kipreos, anxiously, informed the group gathered around their usual table in Dixon’s that his Cypriot Societywas planning to present an opera about a Cypriot hero. […]

Aegean Breeze in Greek Cocktails

- May 16, 2017

Deep, hidden coves with drinking water were ideal pirate hideouts in the Aegean. There the sailors could anchor safely, light a fire, grill their fish […]

Americans Do Not Appreciate the French

- May 12, 2017

Americans should never forget that without the French we would all be Canadians.Our Revolution was in trouble until the French intervened and helped us snatch […]