Americans Do Not Appreciate the French

- May 12, 2017

Americans should never forget that without the French we would all be Canadians.Our Revolution was in trouble until the French intervened and helped us snatch […]

Alternative Energy: New Unexportable Jobs

- May 10, 2017

President Trump has relaxed regulations on oil and natural gas drilling and pledged to revive American coal production. Theseactions are aimed at job creation, improving […]

Erdogan’s Folly: Turkey’s Presidential Bully

- May 9, 2017

Prior to the referendum that gave the Turkish president a narrow victory and additional powers with which to torment: liberals, leftists, secularists, Christians, civil servants, […]

Savvidis’ Counter-democracy Statement

- May 5, 2017

Although the interview with Greek-Russian businessman Ivan Savvidis – who was one of the two Grand Marshals of New York’s Greek Independence Parade this year […]

The Passing of a Generation

- May 3, 2017

By Steve Frangos Without word or whisper, the passing of an entire generation is nearly complete. The children of the 1880 to 1920 generation of […]

The Trouble with Syria

- April 26, 2017

By Dr. Andre Gerolymatos* One look at Syria’s population and it becomes apparent why this unfortunate country and society is torn by sectarian strife. There […]