Analysis: Priests’ Salaries and Appointments

By Theodore Kalmoukos - January 16, 2019

The priesthood is the most divine and sacred ministration on the face of the earth. It is the greatest grace and blessing that a person […]

The Cost of World Leadership

By Chris Andreas - January 14, 2019

All who serve their country in the military are heroes indeed, heroes from the moment they put on their uniforms, and even before they go […]

Humanitarian Crisis in the Heart of the Balkans

By Ruth Gluck - January 12, 2019

This Christmas, Orthodox Christian Serbs were blocked from attending services at their church in Djakovica, a town in Kosovo and Methohija, by an Albanian mob. […]

TDS is One Thing, but Violating Federal Law is Another

By Constantinos E. Scaros - January 11, 2019

TDS (Trump Derangement Syndrome) is nothing new in presidential politics. That if President Trump found a cure for paralysis his obsessive haters would complain that […]

Change for the Sake of Change Promotes Stagnation

By Christopher Tripoulas - January 9, 2019

The year 2019 promises to usher in changes across many centers of Hellenism around the world. On the political and ecclesiastical front, leadership changes are […]

Predict 2019? Whom are we kidding?

By Amb. Patrick Theros - January 6, 2019

Reviewing the predictions in this column for what would happen in 2018 creates a conundrum.  Trump stayed consistent, proclaiming an “America First” foreign policy and […]

My Relatives are Missing

By Stavros T. Stavridis - January 5, 2019

Greece and Turkey signed an agreement “respecting the reciprocal restitution of interned civilians and the exchange of prisoners of war”’ at Lausanne, on January 30, […]