Is Erdogan Unpredictable?

By Dimitra Pontoporou - March 21, 2018

“What can we do?”, said Yiannis at the end of our conversation on the uncertain situation with Turkey and the risk of a military conflict. […]

Greece’s Downhill Slide

By Antonis H. Diamataris - March 16, 2018

The general downhill slide of Greece is very long and very deep. But somewhere, sometime, it will have to hit bottom to be able to […]

Saber-Rattling in the Aegean

By Dr. Andre Gerolymatos - March 15, 2018

Are Turkey’s recent aggressive moves in the Aegeanthe usual saber-rattling of the past or something more sinister? Certainly, Mr. Erdogan, Turkey’s prickly president, enjoys being […]

Trump’s Foreign Affairs, Korea and Turkey

By Amb. Patrick Theros - March 14, 2018

No, we are not writing this week about the sensational kind of foreign affairs that involve girls like the one named Stormy nor the perhaps […]

Trump Courts Democratic Voters

By Dan Georgakas - March 13, 2018

President Trump has demonstrated considerable electioneering shrewdness. His pattern is to loudly announce controversial programs that disappear or become highly modified after achieving the desired […]

An Ionian State 1921-22

By Stavros T. Stavridis - March 8, 2018

In late November, 1920, a large number of Venizelist officers resigned their commissions in the Greek army and established the Committee of National Defence (Amyna) […]