Sexual Harassment and the Greek Community

By Antonis H. Diamataris - December 15, 2017

Dan Johnson, 57, a Kentucky representative, stopped his car on the edge of a bridge in an isolated area, stepped out of it, according to […]

How Awkward it is to Feel Sorry for a Sanctimonious Jerk

By Constantinos E. Scaros - December 15, 2017

Political junkies certainly have their favorites and their…shall we call them… “unfavorites.” Sometimes pleasure is derived from a favorite winning, other times from an unfavorite […]

Now We All Know

By Antonis H. Diamataris - December 13, 2017

We are sad witnesses to the collapse of the Archdiocese and the institutions that are directly dependent upon it, in the form we have known […]

The Crisis Facing Greek Orthodoxy in America

By Dan Georgakas - December 11, 2017

The National Herald has been vigorously exposing the financial and organizational disarray in the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese for months. These urgent concerns reflect the reality […]

Won for All!

By Dr Constantina Michalos - December 7, 2017

HOUSTON, TX – “Won for All!” That was the Houston Chronicle headline on the morning of November 2nd. The Houston Astros had won, defeating the […]