Greece: Turning a New Page

- March 12, 2004

*nbsp;*nbsp;*nbsp;*nbsp; Costas Karamanlis is one of the youngest prime ministers in Modern Greek history. At 47, he takes over the heavy responsibilities of governing the […]

The Hellenic Code

- March 12, 2004

*nbsp;*nbsp;*nbsp;*nbsp; It is a common position among many Greek Orthodox faithful, including your readers, that Greek language and cultural programs in their Church are inconsistent […]

How to Feed Anti-Americans

- January 14, 2004

If you have been wondering how and why anti-Americanism is so pervasive in Greece*#8212;and has been for many years, long before President Bush and Iraq […]

A Most Remarkable Year

- January 8, 2004

It has become a clich*eacute; to label *#8220;remarkable*#8221; each year that has just passed. The year 2003, however, belongs to those years that are remarkable […]