Where Have All The Prophets Gone?

- January 25, 2014

As an 81-year old Greek American I am surprised that, in our day and age, a member of the clergy, our clergy, chooses to suggest […]

Beanie Babies Donation Paid Off

- December 20, 2013

To  the  Editor: Over a year ago, you reported about a story of a young lady collecting money so  she could go  overseas to seek […]

Greece’s Difficulties are Exaggerated

- November 19, 2013

To the Editor: Re: “On the Grecovery, EU Banks, and Market Prospects” (Nov. 9). John Charalambakis would not be so pessimistic about the prospects of […]

What is the New York Times Talking about?

- November 19, 2013

To the Editor: Re: “New St. Nicholas at Ground Zero, Byzantine Style (TNH, Nov. 2). It is ridiculous for the New York Times to simply […]

Orthodox Leaders Should Learn from New Pope

- November 19, 2013

To the Editor: A report of an interview given by Pope Francis to an Italian journalist was recently published in the International Herald Tribune. Although […]

Reader Says Cry of Racism is an Old Liberal Trick

- November 19, 2013

To the Editor: Former Ambassador Patrick Theros should be ashamed of himself. His column “Racism’s Hateful Virus Contaminates Presidential Politics” (TNH, Oct. 19) is one […]