Abp. Iakovos Was Our Greatest Leader

- April 28, 2014

I read your magnificent editorial “Nine Years without Iakovos” (Apr. 19) and I wanted to add a few additional thoughts, of years gone by but never forgotten.

Of Greek Jews, Passover, and the Greek Media

- April 27, 2014

I note that you have offered no dedication to Greek-Jews for Passover, after all, they are readers, too. Nonetheless, I welcome two articles of yours: commentaries.

The Cyprus Problem, The Royal Family

- April 6, 2014

This week, TNH readers have their say in Letters to the Editor on columns about the Cyprus reunification problem and the Greek Royal Family.

Kudos To You On Toronto Greek Heritage Month

- March 16, 2014

I would like to extend our gratitude to Ethnikos Kyrix/The National Herald for highlightingsignificant events organized by the Greek Community of Toronto in recent months.

Where Have All The Prophets Gone?

- January 25, 2014

As an 81-year old Greek American I am surprised that, in our day and age, a member of the clergy, our clergy, chooses to suggest […]

Beanie Babies Donation Paid Off

- December 20, 2013

To  the  Editor: Over a year ago, you reported about a story of a young lady collecting money so  she could go  overseas to seek […]

Greece’s Difficulties are Exaggerated

- November 19, 2013

To the Editor: Re: “On the Grecovery, EU Banks, and Market Prospects” (Nov. 9). John Charalambakis would not be so pessimistic about the prospects of […]