Letter to the Editor: A Different Kind of Abuse

By TNH Staff - January 2, 2018

Members of the Eastern Orthodox Church (Greek, Russian, Ukrainian, Serbian, etc.) would be surprised to know that there exists a spiritual, emotional, and psychological abuse […]

Parishes Giving to the Archdiocese is Christlike

By TNH Staff - November 28, 2017

Letter to the Editor: In regards to the article “WI Parish Stops Archd. Payments” (Nov. 18), no Orthodox Christian Parish should withhold funding to the […]

Orthodox Christianity in the 21st Century

By TNH Staff - November 24, 2017

By Dennis Menos, Despite their unwavering love for Orthodoxy, the vast majority of Orthodox faithful are only vaguely acquainted with the structure of their Church, […]

Letter to the Editor: On Church Etiquette

By TNH Staff - November 21, 2017

To the Editor: Thank you for your continuing coverage of the Church and its issues, but I would like to point out the level of […]