EU Certainly Not US

- August 18, 2015

The last few weeks have been very trying for all of us in the Greek-American community. All of us have read, seen, or heard of […]

Russia Not The Answer For Greece

- May 12, 2015

There is a myth among Greek leftists that Russia, whether as the Soviet Union, as Tsarist Russia, or present day Russia is the answer to the country’s problems.

Mideast Terror Could Reach Greece

- April 14, 2015

It is becoming increasingly obvious that the crisis in the Middle East with respect to terrorism is spreading and will reach Greece.

Thoughts On Two Men For All Seasons

- January 14, 2015

I had to choose between the Phanar and Loretto, thousands of miles apart geographically and many centuries apart in history.

Obama’s Lonely War Against ISIS/ISIL

- September 30, 2014

President Barack Obama has declared that the United States will degrade and destroy ISIS with only American airpower and allies.