Two Revolutions – Same Goal

By Ernest A. Kollitides  - April 4, 2019

Just as the concept of democracy, born in ancient Greece, became the bedrock of the American Constitution, so did the success of the American Revolution of July […]

The Cost of World Leadership

By Chris Andreas - January 14, 2019

All who serve their country in the military are heroes indeed, heroes from the moment they put on their uniforms, and even before they go […]

My Relatives are Missing

By Stavros T. Stavridis - January 5, 2019

Greece and Turkey signed an agreement “respecting the reciprocal restitution of interned civilians and the exchange of prisoners of war”’ at Lausanne, on January 30, […]

Greeks & Restaurants

By Harry Mark Petrakis - December 12, 2018

Growing up in my father’s parish on Chicago’s South Side, I recall a disproportionate number of his parishioners owning restaurants, cafeterias and lunchrooms. My parents, […]

Last Night While the Nation Slept

By Dean Popps - November 15, 2018

Monday night, November 5, while most of us slept, two senior Army leaders and a solemn accompanying cadre of others, made a silent, sad, nighttime […]

Greek Dancing

By Dr. Evaggelos Vallianatos - November 11, 2018

A friend and I went recently to a Greek festival at San Juan Capistrano in Southern California. The day was sunny and hot, the traffic […]