What D-Day Meant For Occupied Greece

- June 18, 2014

Juxtaposing the liberation of Athens and Paris in WWII offers revealing insights into how countries can emerge from defeat and how others fall prey to civil strife.

Benghazi Debacle The Other Clinton’s Fault

- May 29, 2014

Is Clinton to blame for Benghazi? To a great extent, yes indeed. Bill Clinton, that is, not Hillary. That’s because he ignored the threat of global terrorism.

Role of Religion and Money in Ukraine

- May 22, 2014

As people in Eastern Ukraine go to the polls to decide whether to separate, the West is convinced this is another tactical move to recreate the Russian Empire.

Greece Needs Heraclitus, Someone With Character

- May 16, 2014

Thucydides, Pericles, Socrates, and Aristotle are the preferred references in the search of the logic, in understanding politics in modern Greece – but Heraclitus is the man.

Make Music, Keep Socrates’ Dream Alive

- May 14, 2014

Last month the Annunciation Cathedral of Boston celebrated their Metropolitan’s 30th anniversary as a Bishop with a musical concert featuring the participation of dozens of young people.