Why Not Visit the Athens Riviera in 2019

By My Greek Friend - May 20, 2019

Although Athens is a beautiful European capital with plenty of things to do, sometimes – and especially during summer – you might want to escape […]

Are Greeks Racist and Xenophobic?

By Alexandros Sakellariou - April 29, 2019

A recently published survey (March 2019) by the well-known Pew Institute shows that Greeks are among the first three places in almost every category of […]

Offbeat Eats in East Bay

By Tony Glaros - April 11, 2019

Credit my son, Andrew, who is loving life in his adopted hometown of Oakland, California. It was he who planted the scrumptious seed in my […]

The Lives We Live

By Melissa Martin - April 8, 2019

“Someday, you will be a lot older and you will look back and reflect upon the days of your life.” If somebody had said those […]

Two Revolutions – Same Goal

By Ernest A. Kollitides  - April 4, 2019

Just as the concept of democracy, born in ancient Greece, became the bedrock of the American Constitution, so did the success of the American Revolution of July […]

Of Mice and Men and STEM and Rabid Squirrels

By Tony Glaros - March 19, 2019

With a nod to the advertising agency genius who hatched the seven words that characterize life in Sin City, allow me to take the slogan one step […]

Neighbors React to Greek Couple Moving On

By Tony Glaros - January 25, 2019

For 33 years, we lived on a street laced with neighbors who we also considered friends. Virtually all of them were educated, curious, resourceful – and […]

The Cost of World Leadership

By Chris Andreas - January 14, 2019

All who serve their country in the military are heroes indeed, heroes from the moment they put on their uniforms, and even before they go […]

My Relatives are Missing

By Stavros T. Stavridis - January 5, 2019

Greece and Turkey signed an agreement “respecting the reciprocal restitution of interned civilians and the exchange of prisoners of war”’ at Lausanne, on January 30, […]