Of Justice and Dimitri Kontominas

- January 21, 2014

It was with surprise and sadness that friends and acquaintances of noted Greek businessman Dimitri Kontominas and media owner are watching from New York what […]

Torn Greece – in Their Own Words

- January 21, 2014

Every day, a fierce war is being waged that is pulling Greece in different directions. Usually not in the right one. We stand in the […]

The Rot Runs Deep

- January 14, 2014

It is certain that as we get closer to the May European Parliament and Greek municipal elections that the economic crisis will increasingly yield its place in

Breaking Down Greece’s Walls of Pity

- January 12, 2014

The following words are not the complaints of a Diaspora Hellene who is clueless about the realities in Greece. They are intended as a mild […]

Remembering Nick Stavrou, A Good Man

- January 10, 2014

Although two years have passed since the death of Professor Nick Stavrou, he nevertheless remains alive in the memory of his friends and in his […]

The Long Nightmare of Greece Goes On

- January 8, 2014

In recent days the stress and loneliness of the holidays have amplified people’s perceptions of the problems related to the Greek crisis. There was the […]

Provopoulos Hasn’t Been Right Yet

- January 8, 2014

George Provopoulos, the Governor of the Bank of Greece, should not have an ounce of credibility left after recent reports in the New York Times, […]