Who will blink first?

- February 14, 2015

The question is, who will blink first, Greece or Germany? Most reasonable people would say that depends on who has the greatest need. And that […]

Tsipras’ Tears Reveal Greek Passion Play

- February 10, 2015

We are used to seeing our leaders emotionless. That’s why it was impressive to see Greek Premier Alexis Tsipras pour out his heart to Parliament.

Does Greece Have a Friend in Europe?

- January 31, 2015

I have read the thunderous “NO” of the Germans. I heard their angry voices. I read the brutal statement of the German Finance Minister Schaeuble […]

Greeks Rejoice in Change – For Now

- January 29, 2015

A wind of optimism is blowing in Greece. Perhaps it is a juvenile expression of excessive euphoria. But it is useful and necessary, fulfilling needs.