After 40 Years, The Cyprus File Secret

- August 21, 2014

Opening the “Cyprus File” was the promise, and the threat, of politicians, mainly of Andreas Papandreou. The promise was for the people to know the truth.

Greece Could Lose A Decade And More

- August 20, 2014

Is Greece really prepared for a prolonged economic crisis – one that might last at least ten years? And what if it’s more?

The Beauty of Greece is a Joy Forever

- August 9, 2014

When you visit Greece, you notice a discrepancy between the place and its state of affairs: beauty, beaten back by too much misery.

It’s Not a Pretty Sight in Greece

- August 7, 2014

I left behind a piece of my heart in every region of Greece I visited the past month. My heart bled for what I saw and heard.

“Beach Here, Geeett ur Beach Here!” (Greece Sells Seashores)

- May 16, 2014

One of the most accepted disgraces in Greece is that private developers have bought up or just flat out stolen much of the prime seafront property, particularly in Athens, and cluttered it with taverns and admission fees for people to use public beaches. Most of it is unlawful.