The World is in Turmoil Every Day

- October 15, 2014

One day it dropped 273 points. The next day it soared by 274. On the third day there was a 335 point collapse.The fourth day it fell 223 points.

The Problem We All Live With For Now

- October 13, 2014

And suddenly, along with everything else, we are presented a new international menace, a rampant disease that has sprung up suddenly and terribly.

A Good Opportunity For Cyprus Solution

- October 9, 2014

After his inauguration as President of Turkey, Recep Tayyip Erdogan visited Cyprus where he declared the solution was for two states.

The Chicago Paradox Is An Enigma Too

- October 2, 2014

Chicago is so full of Hellenism and stalwart figures from the community, and home of a Greek museum that it’s a puzzle why there’s no Diaspora newspaper.