Falling Oil Prices Tame Russian Bear

- December 4, 2014

It was inevitable that sooner or later, Russian President Vladimir Putin –his personal fortune, estimated at $42 billion – would stumble. He has.

More Poppycock, Prattle From Papandreou

- December 3, 2014

Three years after being hounded out of the Prime Minister’s office, George Papandreou said he wants to restore what’s left of the PASOK Socialists.

The Rise and Rise of Gifted Tom Manatos

- November 20, 2014

Tom Manatos, from a prestigious family, is in the the spotlight as one of the most dynamic forces in the political life of Washington, D.C.

They Never Learn, They Never Change

- November 17, 2014

Despite some valiant efforts – including that of Prime Minister Antonis Samaras – and positive economic news, Greece is not going anywhere.

Greece is Failing the Truth Stress Test

- October 29, 2014

The Greek government is putting itself in an unnecessarily difficult position. For example, it is wrong to present the recent Eurozone bank stress test results […]