This Week in Greek History

- September 1, 2017

September 1- 8 September 1: On this day in 1907, the Pisa-class armored cruiser “Georgios Averof” was commissioned into the Greek Navy. The Averof was […]

Disgraceful Misinformation

- August 31, 2017

I felt shame watching the refusal of the minister of justice, transparency, and human rights of Greece to send a delegation to a conference entitled […]

Greek-American Stories: The Real Truth

- August 27, 2017

Every Sunday, the local newspaper features couples recently engaged to be married, couples already married and a few – very few – couples celebrating their […]

It is Time for Greece to Emulate Cyprus

- August 25, 2017

A conference is taking place in Cyprus, comprised of Cypriots living abroad. It has been taking place for decades, and gives expatriates the opportunity to […]

Erdogan’s Dangerous Interference

- August 24, 2017

The ever-growing crisis in Turkish-German relations interests us, for obvious reasons. Recently, an issue arose between the two countries, concerning whether a nation has the […]

The Greek Alphabet in the World’s Languages

- August 24, 2017

Tourists reading signs in Greek? Yes, despite the common expression “It’s all Greek to me,” many seem familiar to reading and recognizing letters of the […]