Drill Baby, Drill, But Not Frack Baby

- January 26, 2015

In this Agora, TNH Executive Editor Constantinos Scaros and anarchist-poet-author Dan Georgakas tangle over whether fracking is useful or an environmental nightmare.

AGORA: Both Parties Fumble on Medicare

- July 12, 2014

Georgakas and Scaros often take opposite sides on most issues – but they agree that both major parties have failed in dealing with Medicare. Georgakas rails against Medicare fraud, while Scaros blasts hospitals for charging so much in the first place.

AGORA: Is Government The Solution, Or The Problem?

- May 19, 2014

It’s back to basics in this version of Agora as Dan Georgakas and TNH Executive Editor Constantinos E. Scaros debate the age-old problem of whether government should lead, follow or get out of the way.

Ryan Budget: Madness or Meaningful?

- April 22, 2014

In this Agora, Dan Georgakas says Congressman Paul Ryan’s proposed deep budget cuts are madness, but Constantinos Scaros says the government’s $1 million-per-minute spending is the real insanity.

The Latino Enigma Baffles U.S. Pols

- April 7, 2014

In this week’s AGORA, Constantinos E. Scaros says politicians are wrong to think Latinos favor immigration amnesty. Dan Georgakas says it’s the American way.