Samaras Says SYRIZA Hurting Greece

- October 16, 2014

ATHENS – Main opposition SYRIZA is undermining the country and obstructing efforts for an exit from the crisis, Prime Minister Antonis Samaras stressed on Oct. […]

Marathon Mayor Says Town Broke

- October 16, 2014

TV celebrity Ilias Psinakis, now Marathon’s Mayor, says the town is almost broke, blaming mismanagement by previous officials.

Political Instability Over Bailout Buffets Athens Stock Exchange Hard

- October 15, 2014

Uncertainty over the government’s survival and future of Greece’s bailout program has spurred a second day of heavy selling on the Athens Stock Exchange, with the main index down a massive 9.4 percent.
The Oct. 15 plunge follows a loss of 5.7 percent the previous day. Yields on Greece’s 10-year bonds also rose sharply, to above 7 percent.

Tsipras, Kammenos Team Up

- October 15, 2014

SYRIZA and the Independent Greeks have formed an alliance in a bid to block any candidate for Greek President from the ruling parties.

Greece Offers Minimum Income For All

- October 14, 2014

Greek citizens who have no source of income can begin applying for a monthly stipend of between 200-400 euros as of Nov. 15.

SYRIZA Keeps Lead Over New Democracy

- October 14, 2014

A Greek opposition party demanding that most of the country’s bailout debts be canceled has widened its lead over the governing conservatives.

SYRIZA Would Void Greece’s Deals

- October 13, 2014

Greece’s major opposition, poll-leading SYRIZA, said it would not recognize deals the government has made it if comes to power.

Greece Takes On IMF, Lagarde

- October 12, 2014

Prime Minister Antonis Samaras’ government has to convince the IMF the country is recovering enough to take an exit from bailout deals.

IMF Wants To Keep Greece Tethered

- October 11, 2014

While Greece wants an exit from its bailout deals with foreign lenders, the IMF wants to keep itself tied until a recovery is complete.