Geithner Says Grexit Was Planned

- May 15, 2014

Former U.S. Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner says in his book Stress Test that Germany thought of kicking Greece out of the Eurozone in 2012.

Mosque Athens Mayor’s Race Focus

- May 15, 2014

Athens Mayor George Kaminis says one of his election rivals, New Democracy’s Aris Spiliotopoulos, is two-faced for opposing a mosque his ruling party backed.

PASOK Showing Could Sink Government

- May 15, 2014

Prime Minister Antonis Samaras’ coalition could sink if its PASOK partner fares poorly in the elections for Greek municipalities and European Parliament.

Greece Signs Big Oil Hunt Deal

- May 15, 2014

Greece and the country’s only oil and gas operator, Energean, have signed an agreement to look for hydrocarbons, onshore as well as offshore, looking for energy riches.

ADL: Greeks EU’s Most Anti-Semitic

- May 14, 2014

Greece’ is the most anti-Semitic country in Western Europe, with 69 percent of the adults showing that opinion, according to an Ant-Defamation league survey.

Court OK’s Golden Dawn For EU Polls

- May 13, 2014

Greece’s Supreme Court has cleared the extremist Golden Dawn party to contest the May 25 European Parliament election while it’s being prosecuted as a criminal gang.

Tourism in Greece is up, and so are Flights

- May 12, 2014

Airlines throughout the world are increasing their flights to Greece, the newspaper Kathimerini reported, based on the rise of tourism to the popular summer vacation […]

40 Illegal Migrants Detained in Mytiline

- May 12, 2014

ATHENS — Authorities in Greece say 40 migrants trying to enter the country illegally have been detained on an island in the eastern Aegean Sea. […]