No Deal Yet On Bad Loans

- November 8, 2015

Greece’s international lenders are holding up a 2-billion euro ($2.15 billion) installment until the government lets banks foreclose on homes.

Dead Refugee Lands on Lesbos

- November 8, 2015

Authorities say the body of a young refugee has been found on a beach on the Greek island of Lesbos, another victim fleeing war and strife.

No More Road Tax Exemptions

- November 8, 2015

Greece is ending exemptions for road taxes in a frantic bid to bring in as much revenue as possible during a crushing economic crisis.

Greece, Creditors Wrangle Again Over Austerity, Bank Raids

- November 8, 2015

Faced with implementing austerity measures and reforms it once bucked, Greece’s coalition government was in furious talks with its lenders in a last-ditch bid to avoid implementing or changing some of the toughest conditions, delaying release of a critical 2-billion euro ($2.15 billion) installment.

Toddler Found Dead Off Lesbos

- November 7, 2015

Greek authorities say a toddler’s body has been retrieved off the shore of Lesbos island in the eastern Aegean Sea. The boy, aged 2 to […]