Greece Weighs Russian Embargo Cost

- August 13, 2014

Greek regional authorities are trying to figure out how much a Russian food embargo over Ukraine will cost farmers and the state.

Greece Crackdown on Hate Crimes

- August 12, 2014

Greece’s ruling coalition government plans to take stricter measures against racially-motivated attacks.

Samaras Says Archaeological Dig Finds Amphipolis Tomb

- August 12, 2014

Greece’s Prime Minister says archaeologists excavating an ancient mound in northern Greece have uncovered what appears to be the entrance to an important tomb from about the end of the reign of ancient warrior-king Alexander the Great.

Greece Downplays Russian Embargo Loss

- August 12, 2014

Greece now says farmers will lose about 50 million euros – not 180 million euros as first said – because of a Russian embargo on food

Greek Eternal Students Get The Boot

- August 12, 2014

Greece is ejecting 90 percent of its college students because they haven’t been going to class and making no attempt to graduate.

OECD Says Greece Ready to Grow

- August 12, 2014

Four years after asking international lenders for bailouts that came with attached harsh austerity measures that created record unemployment and deep poverty, Greece’s struggling economy is already showing signs of coming back and gaining strength, the Paris-based Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD said.