Greek Olive Oil Dilution Drive

- February 25, 2014

Under pressure from lenders, Greece is squeezing olive oil producers to dilute their products to make it cheaper and more competitive around the world.

Police Probe Golden Dawn Cop Candidate

- February 25, 2014

Officials are investigating whether a police officer is going to stand as a Golden Dawn candidate for the extremists in Crete during municipal elections.

Greek Bus Driver Fined for Racism

- February 24, 2014

THESSALONIKI (AP) — A bus driver who prevented two Africans from boarding his vehicle in Greece;s second largest city has been convicted of racism, fined 1,000 euros […]

Prison Hospital Inmates Protest Treatment

- February 24, 2014

Inmates held in Greece’s only prison hospital are refusing food and medication as part of a protest campaign against severely overcrowded living conditions.

Greece Battles Troika Over Banks Bailout

- February 24, 2014

As Greek Prime Minister Antonis Samaras said the economy will begin to recover this year, the country’s international lenders have questioned whether the banks will need more money too.

Golden Dawn Nazi Salute on Crete

- February 24, 2014

A lawmaker from the extremist Golden Dawn party during a gathering of followers on Crete on Feb. 23 greeted them with a Heil Hitler salute.

Without Vaccines, Greeks Die From Flu

- February 24, 2014

ATHENS – Citing government cutbacks on health care and a shortage of vaccines, the Athens Medical Association (ISA) said that it has likely been the […]

Jeered Troika Back, Greece Sees Deal

- February 24, 2014

Even before envoys from international lenders began new talks on Feb. 24, Greece said it had a deal close at hand on unsettled reforms and a budget hole.

More Than 6,000 Greek NGOs Probed

- February 24, 2014

ATHENS – After finding irregularities in three major non-government organizations (NGOs), Greece has extended its investigation to more than 6,000 of the agencies that receive […]

Tsipras: Debt Cut Or Greece Won’t Pay

- February 23, 2014

Greece’s main opposition leader is certain his party will be in power next year and he would seek a cut in the $325 billion it owes international lenders or Greece will walk away.