Greek Public Sector on Strike 

- July 9, 2014

  ATHENS, Greece (AP) — Greece’s public sector workers are holding a 24-hour strike, shutting down public services and leaving state-run hospitals accepting only emergency cases to protest austerity […]

EU at Odds Over Stimulus Spending 

- July 8, 2014

BRUSSELS (AP) — Europe remains at odds over whether governments should have more leeway to use borrowed money to turn on the stimulus taps in […]

Tsipras Decries “Junta Method”

- July 8, 2014

There is no limit to the government’s downhill slide into authoritarianism and hypocrisy, main opposition SYRIZA said on Monday, citing Prime Minister Antonis Samaras’ statement […]

EU Approves Tranche, Spotlights Reforms

- July 7, 2014

ANA-MPA – tHE EFSF  issued the following Press release on Monday, announcing the disbursement of a 1 billion euros loan tranche to Greece:“The Board of […]

Greece’s Oily Future is Approaching

- July 7, 2014

  Sources in Greece’s Environment Ministry sources informed the Athens-Macedonian News Agency that Greece is expecting to accept bids for permits to explore for hydrocarbons […]

EU Holds Up Greece Gas Deal

- July 6, 2014

EU uncertainties are reportedly holding up a deal for Greece to sell a controlling stake in its natural gas transmission network to Azerbaijan.

Pay Inequities Rife in Greece

- July 6, 2014

Nearly three years after a previous Greek government passed a unified pay structure for public workers, it still hasn’t been implemented.

Journalists Cite Golden Dawn Assaults

- July 6, 2014

Greek journalists said they were attacked by supporters of Golden Dawn outside a court where the extremists’ leaders were testifying.

Pharmacists To Strike Over Profits

- July 6, 2014

Greek Pharmacists, angry their profit margins will be cut by the government to satisfy international lenders, said they will strike on July 11,