Greece Deports 811 Immigrants

- June 9, 2014

Greece’s ongoing project to get illegal immigrants rounded up and out of the country led to the deportation of 811 in May, the police Aliens Bureau said.

With Turkey Invading Greek Air Space, Greek Fighters On Alert

- June 8, 2014

Greek defense officials have put the country’s Air Force on standby status as Turkish jets keep invading Greek air space over the Aegean Sea, stepping up the game of taunting incursions. Turkish aircraft carried out 1,017 violations in the first five months of 2014 compared to 636 encroachments the previous year, according to data from Greece’s National Defense General Staff (GEETHA).

Greece Wanted Cell Phone Records

- June 7, 2014

The world’s second-biggest mobile phone company Vodafone said governments around the world wanted a look at cell phone records of users, including in Greece.

A Greek Half-Naked Bike Ride

- June 7, 2014

More than 2,000 bicyclists took part in the 7th World Naked Bike Ride here on June 6, although it was more modest than its title with many people dressed instead.

Golden Dawn Sues Its Prosecutors

- June 6, 2014

Greece’s extremist Golden Dawn party, whose leaders have been arrested on charges of running a criminal gang, has sued the prosecutors bringing the case against them.

Lagarde List Filled With Tax Cheats

- June 6, 2014

Financial prosecutors looking at a list of 2,062 Greeks with secret Swiss bank accounts have found the first 500 have evaded taxes and are being made to pay but not prosecuted.

Google Street View in Greece

- June 5, 2014

Google has launched its Street View map service in Greece after winning approval from the privacy authority that blocked the ground-level map application five years ago.

No Penalties For Unlawful Athens Mall

- June 4, 2014

The Greek government said it would legalize the illegal construction of the Mall of Athens and that the construction company that built it unlawfully would not be penalized.

Chinese Leaders Coming to Greece

- June 4, 2014

China’s Prime Minister Li Keqiang and President Xi Jinping will visit Greece in an event Greek officials hope will give a big boost to growing ties, business and tourism.