Greece EU Presidency Woos China

- December 26, 2013

ATHENS – While Greece will stick close to a domestic agenda in its priorities for its six-month tenure heading the rotating European Union Presidency on […]

Greece Won’t Cut Oil Tax

- December 26, 2013

ATHENS – With doctors warning that smog from fireplaces has hit dangerous levels, the Greek government said it will not cut the heavy tax on […]

Fireplace Smog Pushes Oil Tax Cut

- December 25, 2013

ATHENS – Dangerous levels of smog caused by fireplaces as Greeks unable to afford heavily-taxed heating oil and having their electricity turned off for non-payment […]

Syrian Refugees Vanish in Greece

- December 25, 2013

Human rights activists are pressing the Greek government to explain what happened to about 150 Syrian refugees said to have simply vanished after appearing in […]

Greece Readies EU Presidency

- December 25, 2013

ATHENS – Greece assumes the rotating, six-month largely symbolic role of the European Union Presidency on Jan. 1 with hopes to convince critics who thought […]

Las Vegas Sands Mulls Athens Gamble

- December 24, 2013

ATHENS – With the Greek government scrapping plans to make the abandoned Hellenikon international airport site on the city’s southern coast the biggest park in […]