Unpaid Greek Tax Bills Pile Up

- January 9, 2014

ATHENS  – Despite a couple of well-publicized arrests of political figures who used fake plates instead of registering their vehicles legally in a bid to […]

The Woman in the Window

- January 8, 2014

ATHENS – It can be depressing to walk through the streets of Greece’s capital city and see row after row of empty store fronts, as […]

Samaras Gives In On Hospital Fee

- January 7, 2014

ATHENS – Under pressure from would-be rebels in his partners, the PASOK Socialists, Greek Prime Minister Antonis Samaras has given in an withdrawn a bitterly-criticized […]

Greece’s Epiphany of Protest

- January 7, 2014

Seems like everything is fair game for protests these days in debt-crushed, austerity-laden Greece, even religious ceremonies. The traditional ceremony on Jan. 6 of the […]