Another Albanian Inmate Killing

- April 20, 2014

Greek authorities are probing the death of an Albanian inmate in a prison, weeks after another was allegedly tortured and beaten to death by guards.

Greece Election Handouts Set

- April 17, 2014

The Greek government said it will hand out benefits to austerity measure victims just ahead of May elections for municipalities and the European Parliament.

Holy Fire Doubter Draws Fiery Retorts From Greek Faithful For Easter Holiday

- April 17, 2014

A Greek writer and erstwhile politician who ridiculed the concept of Holy Fire ahead of Easter has drawn sharp rebukes from critics but also the backing of a new, rising political party leader who defended his stance in a country where almost everyone declares themselves Greek Orthodox and a Church supporter. Nikos Dimou suggested that the Holy Fire brought back from Jerusalem each Easter Saturday is not the result of a miracle.