US Embassy Protest Draws 20,000

- November 17, 2014

Protesters clashed with police during a rally of 20,000 people in Athens Nov. 17 to mark the 41st anniversary of a student uprising against dictators.

Greek Lawyers Declare Strike

- November 16, 2014

ATHENS – Lawyers around Greece will hold a three-day warning strike from November 19-21 to protest against the draft bill on amendments to the Civil […]

Aussie Image in Greek Tourism Ad

- November 16, 2014

Greek officials are defending use of an iconic Australian image in ads trying to lure visitors to Greece, saying it has names that “originated from Greece.”

Greek Crisis Makes Kids Fat

- November 14, 2014

Greece’s crushing economic crisis is having a fat side effect: an increase in child obesity after it had been reversed before that.