Amphipolis Reveals Marble Female Statues

- September 12, 2014

Archaeologists inching through a large 2,300-year-old tomb in northern Greece uncovered two marble female statues flanking the entrance to one of three underground chambers, another sign of the unusual attention and expense lavished on the person buried there.

Who’s Buried in Amphipolis Tomb?

- September 10, 2014

As Greek archaeologists inch closer to opening the largest ancient tomb ever found in northern Greece, history buffs around the world are trying to guess who’s buried there – and if it could be Alexander the Great himself. The dig at Amphipolis has fascinated fellow archaeologists, historians, scientists and people said to be laying bets on the identity of the deceased.

KEPs Roles To Be Expanded

- September 9, 2014

Greece’s Citizen Information Centers known as KEPs, will be given additional resources and become the point of contact with the public.

Caryatids Unearthed at Amphipolis Dig

- September 7, 2014

The ongoing excavation at the Amphipolis archaeological site in Macedonia has uncovered two caryatids, sculpted female figures, of peerless artistic value. Archaeologists working at the dig expect more discoveries from the Alexander the Great era.