Greece Plans Tighter Furlough Rules

- April 26, 2014

The Greek government is planning tougher conditions for furloughs for hardened criminals, after two vanished and said they’d return to violence.

Anarchists Claim Greek Bank Blast

- April 25, 2014

A radical Greek anarchist group has claimed responsibility for a car bomb attack on a branch of the country’s central bank in Athens.

Greeks EU’s Unhappiest Workers

- April 24, 2014

Suffering under an ongoing economic crisis and austerity measures, Greek workers are the unhappiest in all the EU’s 28 countries, a poll published by Eurobarometer has found.

Immigrants Win Detention Damages

- April 24, 2014

Two immigrants who were held in a Greek detention camp have been awarded 8,000 euros ($11,035) each by an EU court which found the conditions were “degrading.”

Greek MERS Patient Critical

- April 23, 2014

Greece has recorded its first case of the potentially fatal respiratory disease known as MERS, and the patient is in critical condition.

Greek Austerity Caused 551 Suicides

- April 22, 2014

Harsh austerity measures in Greece were so severe that it led to 551 people killing themselves out of despair in only two years, a report has claimed.

Greek Easter Celebrations Kill One

- April 22, 2014

Greek police say one person has died and several have been seriously injured in separate incidents during Easter celebrations, including three Americans.

Pesticides Killing Off Greek Bees

- April 21, 2014

The environmental protection group Greenpeace has warned that bees in Greece are showing the effects of pesticides and are being killed off.

Another Albanian Inmate Killing

- April 20, 2014

Greek authorities are probing the death of an Albanian inmate in a prison, weeks after another was allegedly tortured and beaten to death by guards.