France Offers Support for Greece

- February 1, 2015

  PARIS — France’s Socialist government offered support Sunday for Greece’s efforts to renegotiate debt for its huge bailout plan, amid renewed fears about Europe’s […]

Germany: Don’t Mess With US

- January 30, 2015

ATHENS — Greece and its European bailout creditors were in open dispute Friday, with Germany bluntly rejecting suggestions the heavily-indebted country should be forgiven part […]

EU Expects Clashes With Athens

- January 29, 2015

The first EU official to visit Greece since the country elected a new left-wing government said he expects battles over how to lighten the bailout load.

Mitsotakis OK After Heart Surgery

- January 26, 2015

HANIA, Greece – Former Greek Prime Minister Constantinos Mitsotakis, who’s also the Honorary President of the New Democracy Conservatives, was fitted with a pacemaker on […]