More Worker Strikes Beset Greece

- March 18, 2014

As Greece has reportedly struck a deal with international lenders, the country has been hit by strikes shutting down many essential services.

Seven Migrants Die in Boat Sinking

- March 18, 2014

Authorities in Greece said they recovered the bodies of seven immigrants, including two children, who drowned overnight when a boat sank in the eastern Aegean Sea.

Venizelos Wants To Keep Russian Ties

- March 17, 2014

Deputy Prime Minister Evangelos Venizelos said Greece should keep diplomatic ties with Russia dispute its support for Crimean independence from Ukraine.

Troika Wants Greek Unions Weakened

- March 17, 2014

Greece’s international lenders want the powers of the country’s state-financed unions reduced as part of a series of undone major reforms.

Charges Greece Protected Tax Cheats

- March 16, 2014

The former head of the Finance Ministry’s tax inspection department said she quit in late 2012 after the government effectively quashed a probe into high-level tax evaders.

Crackdown Nabs Bus, Trolley Fare Dodgers

- March 15, 2014

The company that manages Athens’ public buses and trolleys said inspectors caught 90,262 fare dodgers last year and fined them 1.5 million euros.

Closed UAthens Wants Police Protection

- March 15, 2014

University of Athens officials have asked for police protection after clashes between police and illegal immigrants spilled over into the campus.

Greece Tightens Terrorist Furloughs

- March 15, 2014

Greece is planning tougher conditions before criminals convicted of serious offenses, including terrorists, can be given breaks from their sentences.

Ex-Minister’s Wife In Kickback Probe

- March 13, 2014

The wife of former defense minister Yiannos Papantoniou has been summoned by an investigating magistrate probing a growing defense scandal.

Asylum Claims Soar 21% in Greece

- March 13, 2014

Already overwhelmed by waves of immigrants from Africa, the Middle East, Irag, Afghanistan and Syria, Greece now is having to deal with a spike in asylum requests.