S. Europe Floods Kill 2 in Greece

- December 9, 2014

THESSALONIKI — Police in northern Greece say a second man has died amid extensive flooding across the region, which has prompted an alert along a […]

Syrian Refugees Refuse To Move

- December 9, 2014

A group of nearly 200 Syrian refugees camped near the Greek Parliament refused to budge on Dec. 9 when offered shelter, saying they want out of the country.

Leg Bracelet For Hunger Striker

- December 9, 2014

Greece is proposing a jailed anarchist on a hunger strike who wants to attend college could study in jail until getting a monitoring bracelet to be let out.

Strategic Defaulters Duck Debts

- December 9, 2014

ATHENS – A survey by Greek banks of bad loans has found that 10 percent belong to customers with big deposits who are trying to […]

Burger King Coming To Greece

- December 8, 2014

Hoping to succeed where other American food franchises flopped, America’s second-biggest fast food chain Burger King will open franchises in Greece.

After Protests, Athens Cleans Up

- December 8, 2014

It will be a costly cleanup for Athens after protesters marking the date of a teen’s killing by a cop went on a rampage and clashed with riot police.

Two Child Traffic Victims Get AIDS

- December 7, 2014

ATHENS – Two victims of child trafficking in Greece were afflicted with AIDS after being forced to have unprotected sex with men, the non-governmental organization […]

Greek Life Expectancy Passes 80

- December 7, 2014

Greece life expectancy is now 80.7 years compared to a European Union average of 79.2 years, according to a new report from the OECD.

Sports Chief Charged With Stealing

- December 6, 2014

A former President of the National Youth Center of Aghios Cosmas, in southern Athens, has been charged with embezzling at least 800,000 euros.