No Money For Greek Corruption Fight

- March 23, 2014

ATHENS – Greece’s anti-graft chief says he hasn’t received a single euro to run his office since last summer and said it’s a deliberate attempt […]

Diaspora Bondholder Suit Rejected

- March 22, 2014

Greece’s highest court has ruled the government had the right to inflict huge losses on holders of Greek bonds, including in the Diaspora.

Greece Goes After Fake Hires

- March 22, 2014

After firing thousands of low-paid workers, the Greek government now is zeroing in on people who got their jobs by faking their qualifications.

Immigrant Deportation Bill Yanked

- March 22, 2014

A draft law allowing deportation of immigrants making false claims about racially-motivated attacks was pulled back by the Greek government.

Greek Flu Deaths Spike to 104

- March 20, 2014

The death of 25 people so far in March brought the number of those killed in Greece by flu-related diseases to 104, with another 45 hospitalized.

Greece Plans Transport Smartcards

- March 20, 2014

Greece is preparing to require the use of Smartcards for public transportation and will install turnstiles on buses to prevent fare evasion.

Greek Plane Mechanics Test Cheats

- March 20, 2014

Greece’s Civil Aviation Authority (YPA) has withdrawn licenses given 600 plane mechanics after it was charged they obtained their certificates by cheating on tests.

Golden Dawn Begins To Unravel

- March 19, 2014

Following the loss of two of its 18 Members of Parliamen Greece’s ultra far-right Golden Dawn is in disarray as the government moves to dismantle it.

Greece Extends Summer Museum Hours

- March 19, 2014

Greece has moved to curb a common complaint about limited hours for top attractions and will keep museums open in the summer seven days a week.