Greek Winter Resorts Packed

- December 27, 2014

After several lean years when austerity-wracked Greeks stayed home, the country’s winter resorts are showing occupany rates of 80-100 percent. The holiday period has been […]

Woman Tried To Sell Grandchild

- December 27, 2014

Greece police arrested a 40-year-old Romanian woman who allegedly tried to sell her 3-day-old grandchild to a Greek couple.

Greeks Urged No Fireplace Use

- December 27, 2014

Greeks using their fireplaces have been told to find some other way to stay warm this winter because of the smog they’re creating.

Two Gynecologists Charged Over Bribes

- December 27, 2014

Two gynecologists have been arrested here on charges of bribery and blackmail for allegedly demanding money in order to perform surgery.

Greek Gays Unhappy at Work

- December 26, 2014

Gay and Lesbian workers in Greece, who aren’t allowed to marry, also say that they have lower job satisfaction than straight people, a study has found.

Alpha Bank Asks Bad Loan Help

- December 25, 2014

Greece’s fourth-largest lender Alpha Bank will join with a Spanish firm to try to get people to pay a mountain of bad loans.

Greek Schoolkids Still Going Hungry

- December 25, 2014

ATHENS – Despite aid from the Diaspora to help suffering Greeks during a crushing economic crisis, more than half of the children at Greek schools […]