US Backs Greek Terrorism Fight

- October 29, 2014

The US government is satisfied with the way domestic terrorism has been dealt with in Greece, Public Order Minister Vassilis Kikilias said.

Video Reveals Amphipolis’ Wonders

- October 29, 2014

The Culture Ministry released a video of the excavation works inside the Ancient Amphipolis tomb, showing the discoveries underway.

Samaras Says Remember OXI Day

- October 28, 2014

Prime Minister Antonis Samaras has urged Greeks to remember the sacrifices of their ancestors who stood up to Fascism in WWII.

A Greek Family Grocer Prospers

- October 28, 2014

The Ergon is a family grocery launched with a different thought 10 years ago, still evolving, and now is open in London and eyeing other cities.

Athens Flood Damage Piles Up

- October 27, 2014

The Fire Department said it concluded damage inspections to all households which were flood-stricken during heavy rains in Athens.

Greek Public Order Minister Visits U.S.

- October 27, 2014

Greek Public Order and Citizen Protection Minister Vassilis Kikilias arrived in Washington Oct. 26 for a series of meetings with intelligence officials.

Greek Banks Want Taxpayer Data

- October 27, 2014

Greek banks want full access to citizens’ tax information, to be drawn from the Finance Ministry’s Taxis database on tax declarations.

Greece Bars Civil Case Witnesses

- October 26, 2014

With long court backlogs, the Greek Justice Ministry said it will prohibit witnesses in civil cases and let judges take only written statements.

Athens Flash Floods Wreaked Damage

- October 26, 2014

Greek officials are trying to assess the damage done by heavy rains that caused flash flooding in Athens, worsened by uncleaned drainage systems.

Quake Shakes Western Greece

- October 25, 2014

An earthquake measuring 5.2 on the Richter scale shook the area of western Greece at 02:43 a.m. on Oct. 25, with the epicenter located 25 […]