Greek Tourism Receipts Soar

- April 18, 2014

Greece’s tourism is off to a booming start with revenues up 17.3% in January and February, pointing to hopes for a bonanza summer season.

IBM Sets Athens Data Center

- April 16, 2014

With many Greek businesses leaving during an economic crisis, IBM is going ahead with plans to develop a corporate data analysis center in Athens.

A Surplus of Good News Emerges for Battered Greek Economy Hopes

- April 15, 2014

Skeptics say it’s a ploy ahead of next month’s critical elections for Greek municipalities and the European Parliament, but the government now says the country’s primary budget surplus for 2013 was 3.38 billion euros and that a “social divided” will soon be announced.

Greece is the New China! (that’s not a good thing)

- April 13, 2014

Senor, is this about production of a show by means of placebo effects, market trajectory, the Greek Bond oversubscription, the failed Chinese Bond Auction, and Mr. Nitup? What a week! It had everything. The Greek bond offering was oversubscribed four times while the Chinese bond auction failed!