Greek Kiosks On The Way Out

- April 11, 2014

Another piece of Modern Greece’s cultural heritage, the little street kiosks known as Periptera, will become a thing of the past.

Greece Returns To Bond Markets With Big Bang

- April 11, 2014

Buoyant Greek officials hailed the country’s return to the international debt market after four years as an overwhelming success, with investors snapping up the five-year bond in a sale that was eight times oversubscribed. The Finance Ministry said it had raised 3 billion euros ($4.14 billion) with a 4.75 percent rate, better than the 5 percent goal.

Greece Readies Bond Market Return, First Since 2010 Bailouts

- April 9, 2014

Greece has confirmed that it is tapping international bond markets for the first time in four years, since seeking international bailouts. It’s expected to be for five years and 2.5 billion euros as the government tests the waters for a full-fledged return to the markets.