BP Snaps Up Greek Oil Reserves

- January 14, 2014

ATHENS – A $500 million deal has been signed between the British multi-national BP Oil and Greece, giving the company access to the Prinos oil […]

Greek Doctors Cheat The Taxman

- January 14, 2014

ATHENS – As many Greeks already knew, tax evasion among doctors has been found to be rampant by investigators from the financial crimes squad (SDOE) […]

Stournaras Rules Out Debt Cut

- January 14, 2014

ATHENS – After pressing a case that Greece can’t repay all it owes international lenders and wanted a debt cut, Finance Minister Yannis Stournaras has changed his tune and said restructuring – lower interest rates and a longer time to repay – is preferable and would add to the prospects for recovery and growth.

Stournaras, dismissing reports he may be appointed the Governor of the Bank of Greece which has had trouble predicting the country’s fiscal fortune, told SKAI TV

Germany Hints More Aid For Greece

- January 13, 2014

ATHENS – With uncertainty remaining over when Greece’s international lenders will return to discuss unresolved reforms and a 1.4 billion – and growing – hole […]

Stournaras Says Troika Too Tough

- January 10, 2014

Greek Finance Minister Yannis Stournaras, who wants a write-down in the debt owed to international lenders, said he got support for that from International Monetary […]

Greek Bank Fraud: 25 Arrests

- January 9, 2014

ATHENS – Greek authorities have charged 25 people and arrested three following an investigation into allegedly inadequately secured loans from the former Hellenic Postbank to […]

Greek Jobless Rate Stuck at 27.4%

- January 9, 2014

Greek Prime Minister Antonis Samaras’ self-described most vexing problem – unemployment – continues to be a thorn in his side with the European statistics agency […]

ESM Rules Out Greek Debt Cut

- January 7, 2014

Greece’s hopes of triggering a debt relief clause that would allow the government to walk away from some of its payments to international lenders have […]