EU Aids Stalled Greek Highways

- December 16, 2013

AMSTERDAM – Greece’s beleaguered economy will get a big kick start with a three billion euro ($4.1 billion) infusion from the European Commission to help […]

Greece Told: Don’t Ease Up

- December 15, 2013

ATHENS – Even as Prime Minister Antonis Samaras is trying to wean Greece off international loans and austerity measures, the head of the German central […]

Greece Sees EAS Deal At Hand

- December 14, 2013

Greece said it’s close to resolving one of the biggest stumbling blocks to get release of a delayed one billion euro ($1.37 billion) installment from […]

Greece Will Curtail Dreaded “Haratsi”

- December 13, 2013

ATHENS – After outrage over the cutting of electricity for poor households, Greece will stop the practice of putting an unpopular property tax surcharge – […]

Tsipras Says Debt Relief Only Chance

- December 13, 2013

With the Greek government saying recovery is on the horizon next year, major opposition Coalition of the Radical Left (SYRIZA) leader Alexis Tsipras is continuing […]

Troika Talks Stuck, EU Says No Raids on Banks

- December 13, 2013

ATHENS – Greece’s negotiations with its international lenders over the size of a hole in the 2014 budget delayed reforms continued to hold up release […]

Greece Closing Fast On Key Bailout Target

- December 12, 2013

ATHENS – Greece is close to reaching a central target of its bailout agreements with international lenders, after beating expectations for its budget performance in […]

Venizelos Says Troika Deal Needed Now

- December 12, 2013

ATHENS – As talks continue to drag on between Greece and its international lenders over the size of a hole in the 2014 budget and […]

Greek Debtor List Swells Fast

- December 12, 2013

ATHENS – As Greece has moved to freeze and seize bank accounts of debtors who can’t pay their taxes during a crushing economic crisis in […]