Greece Defensive Over Defense Industries

- December 11, 2013

ATHENS – After taking  break when negotiations stalled over how to close a 2014 budget gap and delayed reforms, Greece and its international lenders are […]

Stournaras Says Troika Will Pay Up

- December 10, 2013

As envoys from Greece’s international lenders returned to Athens on Dec. 10 to pick up stalled talks over delayed reforms and how to fill a […]

Greek Recession Slows, Deflation Sets In

- December 10, 2013

Greece’s economy is starting to shrink last but not recover as the country’s numbers agency ELSTAT said that Gross Domestic Product(GDP) shrank 3 percent year-on-year […]

Greece Will Seize Debtor Bank Deposits

- December 10, 2013

ATHENS – The fight against tax cheats slipping away despite well-publicized crackdowns that have failed to yield a single major prosecution, Greece is trying a […]

Greek Civil Servant Numbers Fall 25%

- December 9, 2013

ATHENS – Using attrition instead of firings, the Greek public sector service has shrunk by 231,608 workers in the last four years even as the […]

Samaras Plays Hardball With Troika

- December 9, 2013

ATHENS – Greek Prime Minister Antonis Samaras – who opposed austerity measures while out of power but immediately embraced them once he took office – […]

Greece Falls Far Behind in Reforms

- December 8, 2013

While the Greek government has insisted it’s made rapid progress in delayed reforms and is nearing a deal with its international lenders who are holding […]

Greek MPs OK Disputed 2014 Budget

- December 8, 2013

ATHENS –  Without knowing fully what was in it, and despite reservations about more austerity, the Greek Parliament in the early morning hours of Dec. […]

Provopoulos Tells Banks to Start Lending

- December 7, 2013

ATHENS – Flush with 50 billion euros ($67.4 billion) in recapitalization cash from the government, which passed on the proceeds from a second bailout from […]

Kazarian Says Greece Needs New Auditing

- December 6, 2013

Continuing to push his optimism about investing in Greece, U.S. investor Paul Kazarian said that International Public Sector Accounting Standards (IPSAS) should be applied in […]