EU Lawmakers Check Troika Effect

- January 30, 2014

ATHENS – A team of European Parliament lawmakers visiting Greece to see for themselves the effect of harsh austerity measures imposed by successive governments on […]

Greek Workers, Pensioners Pay The Tax

- January 29, 2014

The complaint of Greeks that the burden of the country’s economic crisis has fallen on them unfairly has been borne out by a study that […]

Samaras To Putin: Cut Gas Prices

- January 29, 2014

Greek Premier Antonis Samaras has asked Russian President Vladimir Putin to cut the prices Greece is charged for natural gas from Russia.

Greeks Disposable Income Down 31.8%

- January 28, 2014

Greece’s crushing economic crisis, worsened by big pay cuts, tax hikes and slashed pensions, has cut spending and closed scores of thousands of stores.

Stournaras In Brussels’ Hot Seat

- January 27, 2014

Greek Finance Minister Yannis Stournaras will find himself in the odd position of chairing a meeting of Eurozone finance chiefs in Brussels on Jan. 27 […]

Greek Pensioners Sue For Lump Sums

- January 26, 2014

A ruling by Greece’s highest court that military pay cuts imposed as part of austerity measures must be restored has prompted civil servants to sue for the return of reduced lump sums.

Greece Smokes Out Smuggled Cigarettes

- January 25, 2014

ATHENS – While the Greek government is raising taxes tobacco products as part of the austerity measures demanded by international lenders, it’s while simultaneously trying […]

Greece, Troika in Long Tough Talks

- January 24, 2014

Greece’s finance minister said that the country was still in talks with international creditors over reforms, but insisted that the government was not being pressed to impose more austerity.