Greece Closing Fast On Key Bailout Target

- December 12, 2013

ATHENS – Greece is close to reaching a central target of its bailout agreements with international lenders, after beating expectations for its budget performance in […]

Venizelos Says Troika Deal Needed Now

- December 12, 2013

ATHENS – As talks continue to drag on between Greece and its international lenders over the size of a hole in the 2014 budget and […]

Greek Debtor List Swells Fast

- December 12, 2013

ATHENS – As Greece has moved to freeze and seize bank accounts of debtors who can’t pay their taxes during a crushing economic crisis in […]

Arab-Turkish Group Buys Astir Palace

- December 12, 2013

ATHENS – Touting it as a success for the country’s faltering privatization program, Greece’s agency selling off state enterprises, HRADF, said it had succeeded in […]

SYRIZA Warns EU Bank Raids

- December 12, 2013

While European finance ministers said they are close to agreeing on a plan to wind down failing banks by confiscating parts of private bank accounts, […]

Greece Defensive Over Defense Industries

- December 11, 2013

ATHENS – After taking  break when negotiations stalled over how to close a 2014 budget gap and delayed reforms, Greece and its international lenders are […]

Stournaras Says Troika Will Pay Up

- December 10, 2013

As envoys from Greece’s international lenders returned to Athens on Dec. 10 to pick up stalled talks over delayed reforms and how to fill a […]

Greek Recession Slows, Deflation Sets In

- December 10, 2013

Greece’s economy is starting to shrink last but not recover as the country’s numbers agency ELSTAT said that Gross Domestic Product(GDP) shrank 3 percent year-on-year […]

Greece Will Seize Debtor Bank Deposits

- December 10, 2013

ATHENS – The fight against tax cheats slipping away despite well-publicized crackdowns that have failed to yield a single major prosecution, Greece is trying a […]

Greek Civil Servant Numbers Fall 25%

- December 9, 2013

ATHENS – Using attrition instead of firings, the Greek public sector service has shrunk by 231,608 workers in the last four years even as the […]