OPAP Privatization Being Probed

- February 10, 2014

With Greece’s privatization program far behind schedule, a Greek prosecutor now is reportedly investigating one of its few successes, the sale of the gambling monopoly […]

Samaras Says No Third Bailout Needed

- February 10, 2014

Prime Minister Antonis Samaras said Greece does not need a third bailout and that he has put the country on the road to recovery later this year.

Big Surplus Greece’s Debt Relief Lever

- February 9, 2014

Prime Minister Antonis Samaras says he’ll use a surplus to ask international lenders to accept losses as a previous government did with private investors and bondholders.

Stournaras Says Greece Ducked Disaster

- February 8, 2014

Greek finance chief Yannis Stournaras said it would have been a disaster for Greece if he had relented to three billion euros in cuts.

Provopoulos Again Predicts Recovery

- February 7, 2014

He hasn’t been right yet, but Bank of Greece chief George Provopoulos said this is finally the year that the beleaguered economy will mount a comeback.

Greek Shipowners Don’t Want To Pay Taxes

- February 7, 2014

Greece’s powerful shipping industry said it will fight plans by the government to triple a capacity tax on vessels after it agreed last year to a doubling.

Tsipras Says He’d Stiff Troika

- February 6, 2014

SYRIZA leader Alexis Tsipras says if he ever comes to power, he would revise the terms of international bailouts and give the lenders a 33 percent haircut on what Greece owes.

EU Mulls 50-Year Greek Loan Repayments

- February 6, 2014

While Greece says the economy is on a path to recovery, worried European Union leaders think the country won’t be able to repay $325 billion in two bailouts for half a century.

Papandreou Blames Merkel For Crisis

- February 5, 2014

Former Premier and previous PASOK leader George Papandreou says German Chancellor Angela Merkel forced him to go to the IMF for rescue loans, which came with harsh austerity measures.

Greek Writers Want Price Controls

- February 5, 2014

Leading Greek writers and publishers gathered at a bookstore in central Athens on Feb. 4 to express their opposition to the proposed lifting of price controls on books sold in the economically depressed country. International rescue creditors are pressing for market deregulation.