Greek Summer Cinemas May Go Black

- August 8, 2014

One of Greece’s best loved institutions, summer cinemas, could fade away because of the cost of switching to digital projection.

An Ellinida’s Nightmare in Saudi Arabia

- August 1, 2014

NEW YORK – To truly know some people’s reality, sometimes you have to live their nightmare. Before marrying a man from a prominent family in […]

Elgin Marbles to Move, but Not to Greece

- July 12, 2014

LONDON – The Elgin Marbles are finally moving! Unfortunately, for Greeks and many others around the world who’d like to see them returned to Greece, […]

Golfo, Greece’s 1st Feature Film, at 100

- June 12, 2014

THESSALONIKI – “Golfo, a young shepherdess, and Tasos, a young shepherd, are secretly in love but are too poor to support their union. “Fortunately, an […]

Why Hydra Draws The Artists

- March 23, 2014

Even among Greece’s many iconic islands, Hydra has a special mystique, one which draws artists for its quiet magic as much as tourists.

The Parthenon Enigma Unravels The Past

- January 16, 2014

The title of the book demands attention and presages controversy – everything a scholar dreams of: The Parthenon Enigma: A New Understanding of The World’s […]

Happy New Year from all of us at TNH!

- December 28, 2013

Greek New Year’s Kalanta Lyrics Αρχιμηνιά κι Αρχιχρονιά ψηλή μου δεντρολιβανιά κι αρχή καλός μας χρόνος εκκλησιά με τ’ άγιο θρόνος. Αρχή που βγήκε ο […]

Theodorakis Honored by Athens Academy

- December 6, 2013

ATHENS – Perhaps Greece’s greatest composer, Mikis Theodorakis, who scored Zorba the Greek, Axion Esti, the score for the film Serpico and other renowned works, […]

Hard Times Bring Out Best in Greek Films

- November 18, 2013

– John Anderson/New York Times Konstantinos Kontovrakis was a programmer for the Thessaloniki Film Festival until 2009, when he quit to become a film producer. […]

Greek Opera Hits High Notes During Crisis

- November 11, 2013

ATHENS (  – Greece’s National Opera has gone from being a loss-making business to an income-generator with a brand new fan base. Three years ago, […]